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CTJ Electronic Village

7th CTJ Seminar - Driving Development

Online Games for EFL


There are many sites available on the internet which can be used for making online games that can be used for reviewing and for practicing vocabulary and grammar points.

In this workshop we are going to take a look at three websites that offer online games, and some can even be downloaded for offline use.


In order to save time when creating games, it is a good idea to have the questions and items already typed in a document. This can also save time in case the browser crashes, for example, so you don't have to type all questions again.




Super Teacher Tools


speed match

This game can be downloaded for offline use.





This is created and played online. Great if using an Interactive White Board (IWB) or Data Show.



spelling bee - name generator

Click the link to see the activity in action. Also useful for choosing students to participate in class.






War of the words

A very challenging game, which can be used for reviewing verb forms, for example.


full screen version here




This activity is a good one for categorizing.


full screen version



Spelling Bee

An easy way to draw words for a spelling bee competition. Click the link for an example.





Safari Survival - hangman



Play this game on the What2Learn site



Alien Abduction - hangman



Play this game on the What2Learn site



Zombie Boxing - quiz

I used this to practice ECPE vocabulary


Play this game on the What2Learn site



Penguins in Peril - quiz

ECPE questions


Play this game on the What2Learn site



Rocket Man

Simple Present or Present Continuous

Play this game on the What2Learn site





Online Games for EFL - my blog on games

Quia - online platform for games, activities and quizzes

Hot Potatoes - software for creating games and activities

Content Generator - there are a few free game creation tools here - needs registration

Fantastic Contraption - a ready to play game - great for all


Suggestions, information, broken links?









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